Power through the Wicked, Dull Haze of Melancholia

I promised in my last spec ad post I’d try and deliver a little more value in future installments. Sadly, that won’t be happening today, as these are just some very quick designs.

How else am I going to procrastinate?

Sloppy, Dripping, Radical Fonts

The design of the ‘LOW EFFORT’ headline in the ads below is inspired by all the old skater merchandise I used to own and countless zines I read (or took part in creating).

I’ve always been a fan of that particular style and, considering the brand I’m using today (VANS), it seemed appropriate.

They don’t really play into the whole skateboarding culture as much as they once did, but I think it’d be cool to see some throwback ads like this pop up every now and again.

Anyway, here ya’ go.

The taglines are nothing new. Plenty of brands proclaim that they’ve ‘still got it.‘ Plus, quoting lines from classic hip-hop isn’t exactly innovative.

And the California Sole pun is something from some of VANS’ old print ads. I think it might have actually been about a different shoe than the slip-on entirely, but I still like it.


I’ve spoken about my love for the DIY Punk style before (here’s a link), so it should come as no surprise that I occasionally revert to that whole scene when playing around with spec ads.

I definitely think I’m going to try this style out with some of my other favourite brands from way-back-then.

I’m a big fan of throwback. I’d love to see a proper renaissance of dirty, grimy, grungy, VHS aesthetic designs from big names. Make it happen, guys.

Low Effort

Certain days, we wake up and that wicked, dull haze of melancholia hangs heavy over our heads. Sometimes there’s no stopping it.

I hate bad days. We all have them. But its still fun to power through and at least TRY to do something creative.

I’ve not accomplished much today because my brain decided to just fuck my shit up this morning. This is my tiny attempt at some self-care.

Sue me.