Is Boring Always Boring?

Very busy day today, so this isn’t going to be as in-depth or as entertaining as I’d like it to be. Unless stream-of-consciousness rambling is your jam, of course.

I don’t have to introduce any of you to Elon Musk, I think. You probably all know him as the uber-billionaire founder of companies like Tesla and SpaceX.

Love him or hate him, he does interesting work.

One of his latest ventures, The Boring Company, was created as a solution to the current traffic limitations and outdated infrastructure in Los Angeles. The Boring Company aim to provide alternative transportation routes via underground tunnels.

If you’ve followed any of this online, you’ll know that The Boring Company sold ‘flamethrowers’ as a way to secure some extra funding for their goals.

Once again, whether you love him or hate him, that’s a pretty fucking interesting campaign.

I decided to come up with a few different speculative ads for The Boring Company as a way to drown out the monotonous drone of regular (paying) work.

Their brand image, their website, everything surrounding the design aspect of the company, is very minimalistic and simple. It’s all black and white, it’s all crisp.

Some people would say that’s boring (ha).

I quite like it. It reminds me of Aperture Science, a fictional company from the Portal video game series created by Valve.

With that in mind, here are a few of the basic designs I came up with during a lazy morning of coffee and YouTube binges.

Nothing fancy. No slogans, no clever copy. Basic shapes and the company logo. That’s all.

The silhouette of a Tesla and a flamethrower are all I’ve added to what was pretty much already there. Not a fan of the flamethrower one, if I’m honest, but I like sharing everything – even the stuff I hate.

The imagery is very… James Bond… Very 1960.

Possibly a little sci-fi influence in there, too.

All-in-all, I enjoyed making these. Nothing groundbreaking, no clever puns, definitely nothing award winning.

But it’s fun.

Very fun.