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You’ve clicked through to this page because you’re interested in working with me, right? That’s cool, I can respect that.

Maybe you saw an article I wrote or read one of my books? Awesome.

Perhaps you’ve stumbled here by accident and are now frantically looking for the door? Sometimes that happens too.

You probably need something written? Maybe you’re looking for copy that’ll help you sell, or perhaps you’re in need of original and innovative content.

Well… what are you waiting for? Get in touch with me and I can give you a quote. It doesn’t take much, just give me an idea of what you want to accomplish and we’ll figure something out.

Look, I’m gonna give you a few options, make this easier for you.

You can email me:


That’s pretty neat 🤟🏼

Or, you can phone me:


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If you’re one of those weirdos who insists on Skype:


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