Want to Hear a Joke?

image1 (3)

LinkedIn Guru-preneur walks into a bar.

Bartender asks, “Why the long face?”

LinkedIn Guru-preneur says,

“✅ Always give 110% 🚨

I wasn’t born this way. I was moulded into a #leader by my mentors. If you can’t keep up with the struggle, you don’t DESERVE the #rewards 👑 ”

The bartender thinks about this for a moment. He slides over a bottle of beer to the LinkedIn Guru-preneur.

“You’re a hero. This is on the house. How do I become more like you, an #Influencer?”

The LinkedIn Guru-preneur stands up straight, his shoulders strong. He’s impeccable.

“These #HOT SECRETS are only available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY ⏰ Use the 6 ESSENTIAL skills in my FREE eBook 📚 to #UNLOCK your inner warrior 🗡 Then sign up to my ELECTRIFYINGLY effective course. In this #UNSTOPPABLE webinar you’ll find out how to:




The bartender looks him dead in the eye and slowly begins to clap.

Everyone else in the bar joins in, the clap becomes a chorus of cheers. They bow.

The bartender says, “WOW. How did I cope without this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

The previously unmentioned supermodel hands him her number.

“What a #VALUABLE lesson 🚨✅🚨”

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